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About Shibu Narayanan

Sri. Shibu Narayanan is a very world renowned astrologer from India. Many from the different parts of the world accepts of power of Mr.Shibu Narayanan's Magic Talismans.

Sri.Shibu Narayanan, the famous astrologer of profound insight helps you with his knowledge to lead a fulfilled, peaceful life.

Jathaka or the astrological chart, its detailed interpretation that includes the planetary effects is prepared accurately according to the old criptures.Astrological chart alone also can be prepared according to the need.

Differend types of Prashna for different needs are traditionally done. The remedies for the inauspiciousness suggested by Prashna are also done by means of different Poojas, Amulets Popularly know a Mantra Elas for protection & good luck and Homas for Fortunate life.

The remedies for the bad luck prophesied by Jathaka also can be removed by special poojas and homas done here.

Accurate reasons for the obstructions for wedding are found out with the help of Jathaka and Prashna. Poojas and Homas are done to remove the bad luck and bring good fortune and the result.

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